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Hi folks,

I am on the verge of buying a new phone since my current one is ancient.

I am having some serious debates with myself if I should get an iPhone or and Android. My fiends unanimously recommend Android. I want to get an iPhone for one reason only--OmniFocus. However, my fear is that I will end up with a shattered glass and I have no desire to pay Apple $100+ to change it.

I have been reading the forums here and I know that people have debated this for some time. I wanted to check if there are any tech developments in the iPhone vs Androd dilemma since April, the date of the last post.

In addition, I'd be happy to hear from people who have other smartphones than an iPhone and share how they practically handle this.

If I had an Android, I'd be ok with emailing myself the to do items that I think of. Is there any way to email them with more specifications: e.g. to have it filed directly in a project folder or give a deadline, etc. From what I understand so far, that's possible only on an Apple device.

Also if I had an Android, I want to be able to view my to do tasks for the day. I've set up a Today's perspective and I want to see those items on the phone easily. Will it be possible for me to save the to do list as a pdf or another file and automatically (may be with the help of a script) to have it sent to my googledrive?

In addition, those who have an Android, can you open pdf files and access google drive on your phones?

I know that these are mostly questions about Android because I am partly leaning in that direction. However, I do not want to be paranoid (rhyme not intended) about shattering the iPhone glass.

Your help with my dilemmas will be highly appreciated!
Thanks for reading!
Shattering the iPhone glass? What are you planning to do? Use it as a hammer?
Sounds like you need to find a higher class of friends!

Kidding....kind of.

I'm an iPhone person and completely biased. I had a 3G, 4, 4S and now I have an iPhone 5. I have NEVER broken any of these. Like any expensive piece of equipment or property it needs to be treated as such.

If you want to use Omni Focus you will likely need to stick to iPhone. The Android ecosystem is truly fragmented....I know that statement gets used to death...but it is true. I'm not a developer, but I can see it being a challenge trying to develop for all the variations. I don't see Omni taking Omni Focus to Android.

Go iPhone...and don't look back.

Again..just my biased opinion.

Hi folks,

Thanks for your replies. No, I was not planning on using a hammer :) Have you not seen the gazillion you tube clips on how to change the screen of an iPhone? (

One of my friends told me that the screen is so fragile that it cracked while she was holding the phone in her hand without any extra pressure.... Others are complaining about how easy it is to scratch the phone.

In any case, today I was running some errands, and I was craving for an iphone, so I can check out my contexts, and see what else did I need to buy from CVS.

So I think I am going in the direction of the iPhone. At least these have been the developments for the past several hours :)
Originally Posted by Anna_123 View Post
One of my friends told me that the screen is so fragile that it cracked while she was holding the phone in her hand without any extra pressure.... Others are complaining about how easy it is to scratch the phone.
Hi Anna,

It is physically not possible to crack toughened glass whilst just holding it in your hand, it would either need some form or impact or to be seriously twisted. The iphone has toughened and scratch proof glass. I've cracked one screen and that's because I dropped it and it wasn't in a case

Android phones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the best ones are excellently built, the others not so much, some of the low end ones are craptastic. Say what you like about the iphone 4, 4s and 5, but they're well put together.

Android may suit your needs, but I'd be concerned about the lack of frequent OS updates on any handset which isn't Google branded, some phones which are only just over 12 months old are not receiving any new Android updates.

Each to their own, but the bottom line is, if you want Omnifocus on the move, you need an IOS device.
Hi folks,

Thanks for your responses so far.

I am about to get an iPhone now, and I am debating if I should get the 4 or the 4s. Which one is better with OF? If there are no crashes with either one, I'd go for the free iphone 4 which is free.

Any recommendations?
Anna, note that a new iPhone is widely expected to be revealed next month. (That's the rumor; last year the iPhone 5 was introduced in September; the year before the 4S was introduced in October; earlier models were introduced earlier in the year.) When the new model comes out, the lower-cost iPhone options will presumably also change, whether that be current models getting pushed down the line as has happened in the past, or new low-end options being introduced as is currently rumored on some sites. (If you really want the 4/4S body style, the latter might be a bad thing from your perspective.) If you need the phone now, you need it now, but if you don't, holding off for a month might be worthwhile.

The only thing I can think of offhand that might appreciably impact use of OmniFocus is that Siri is supported on the 4S but not on the 4; some people use Siri to add events to OmniFocus.
I can't readily think of any other functionality OmniFocus has on the 4S has that it doesn't have on the 4, but no promises - people on the OmniFocus team might be aware of something that I'm overlooking. The 4S is faster (both a faster CPU and faster cellular data - for certain service providers, if supported in your location), has a better camera, and supports low-power Bluetooth. Apple's spec page claims a few other differences, like some mixed differences in battery performance between the two, the 4S supporting FaceTime over cellular whereas 4 only supports it on wifi, and video stabilization on the 4S.

Other issues aside, a higher-end model will probably be supported by iOS further into the future; that may not be compelling, especially if you upgrade phones pretty frequently, but something to keep in mind.
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your response. I do not change phones often at all. I tend to stick forever with one phone and presumably with one carrier. Thanks for letting me know about the new iPhone. Verizon offered me a deal which i am considering (iPhone 4 for $0.99 + 2BG data + unlimited texting and calling for $60 / month). I wonder how Verizon will improve on this deal. They might offer a better price for iPhone 4s, but i'd still like that $0.99 for iPhone 4. In any case, I will think about it.

Do you know how much data synching OF from my macbook air will take?
Thanks again!
You would do wise to spend the extra money now and get an iPhone 4S. The faster 4GLTE service on it versus the 3G service on the iPhone 4 is really worth it given that you plan to hold on to your phone forever.

I have a 4GB plan on Verizon for two iPhones and a MiFi pack. I recently went to 6GB because I was away from WiFi for a long stretch and needed to use my iPhone as a hotspot. I'll probably drop back to 4GB later. So, you'd likely do very well at the 2GB level unless you plan to stream video (and certainly then you will absolutely want the 4S not the 4). You can always upgrade your data package in GB steps if you appear to go over, and Verizon gives you a good way to get warning messages via text as you approach your limit.
The data used syncing OmniFocus is _usually_ not very much - actions are small. Things I can think of that would impact that would be when initially setting up syncing if you have a large database; if you often include attachments in your actions; or if you get into a situation where you have a connection that is unreliable enough that OmniFocus never/rarely is able to actually successfully complete sync attempts. I don't have a specific data estimate, however. (My personal total data usage is typically a few hundred megabytes each month, because most of the time I'm on wifi. OmniFocus is only a small part of that total, and I'm a relatively light OmniFocus user.)

As for how Verizon might improve on their deal: there are no guarantees, but in the past the phone models got pushed down. If that happens again this time, the 4S would take the place of the 4 in the lineup and the 4 would be dropped completely. In that case, you would likely be able to get the same deal as Verizon is offering for the 4, but have it include the 4S instead. (However, some rumors suggest that this year Apple might come out with a different lower-end phone to replace the 4 and/or 4s with.) But I don't have any privileged information and I can't promise just what either Apple or Verizon would do.

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