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OmniDictionary asks: "Will I ever... Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
have my default keyboard shortcut changed to stop it conflicting with OmniWeb?"

"...use Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts instead?"

Just a thought, if it hadn't been mentioned before.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Have done, but was just wondering if and when the *cough* long ago proposed *cough* change to the default would be made? Not everyone is aware of Keyboard Shortcuts or how to change them.

Personally, I would like to be able to make Bigger Text in OmniWeb actually be command-shift-= (rather than exist as both command-= and command-+) so that I could keep OmniDictionary as command-= but I understand why that isn't possible... or is there a hidden default to do this?
OmniDictionary doesn't get a lot of attention most of the time because we don't have enough time / staff to do all the things we would like to do, and it's competing for attention with our commercial applications AND Mac OS X comes with a nice built-in dictionary these days. (Although obviously there are some advantages to OmniDictionary in terms of the available dictionaries, etc.)

The keyboard shortcut issue hasn't been addressed because of that lack of time, because of the workaround via System Preferences (obviously far from obvious enough), because we don't get many complaints about it (although we definitely acknowledge that it's a problem), and because there's not a readily-apparent meaningful alternative that doesn't suffer (even more) from localization issues - if we had come up with one, we probably would have released a fix long ago. We've talked some about building in UI for allowing the user to customize that key binding from within OmniDictionary preferences, but that possibility really hasn't been investigated.

It's always possible that a fix will come with little or no warning, but there's not currently a planned release that will address this problem. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

Actually, now I remember - I didn't manage to change the Keyboard shortcut for OmniDictionary as a Service... I only managed to do it for the Define menu option from within OD itself. Anyone fancy posting a tutorial on how to alter the Service shortcut 'cos I can't figure it out myself?
Instructions for remapping the "Define in OmniDictionary" Service shortcut key combination:
  • Bring up System Preferences and navigate to the Keyboard & Mouse preferences.
  • Choose the Keyboard Shortcuts view.
  • Add a new entry with the following values:
    • Application: All Applications (or you can choose just a specific app if desired)
    • Menu Title: Define in OmniDictionary
    • Keyboard Shortcut: (whatever you want that doesn't conflict with existing shortcuts)
  • Quit and restart any applications that are running in which you want to use the OmniDictionary Service.

You should now be able to use your newly-defined shortcut to invoke the OmniDictionary Service, assuming that you spelled the menu title exactly correctly, that there are no shortcut conflicts, and that you restarted the app in question if it was already running. (My test case here was to map the Service to command-6, and I confirmed that this worked in the current OmniWeb beta, just FYI.)

Due to the way Service menu items get cached (or have in the past; not entirely confident of how much of a problem this still is), you may need to bring up the Services menu once after (re)starting your application just to force it to be populated.

I was unable to use this to override OmniWeb's command-= mapping (much to my disappointment). I'm pretty sure that OmniWeb has special command-= handling to map it to command-+ since so many people complained about having to press the shift key to get the command-+ shortcut (and other apps had added the same shortcut). I don't know if you can override normal built-in shortcuts as I haven't explored that much.

Got my keyboard shortcut working in Services now thanks... I went for command-F12 in the end as it is a similar finger pattern to command-= (F12 being just above the +/= key on my keyboard).
Try Service Scrubber, too – it lets you change service shortcuts easily, plus get rid of all the services that you don't use.
Originally Posted by Chrysogonus
Try Service Scrubber, too it lets you change service shortcuts easily, plus get rid of all the services that you don't use.

What I don;t like about Service Scrubber is that it has to edit a .plist inside the apps to modify their Services...

That is a bit of a pain, although I haven't run into any problems because of it. While it would be more desirable to have something like the Keyboard preferences that doesn't actually change any programs, having a usable Services menu again is more of a priority.

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