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Originally Posted by atreinke View Post
I just purchased this and installed it, it's interesting. I have only tried it out for about 30 minutes, I can tell already that it will take some learning but it is interesting. I love OF and do not think that this will beat it out in my opinion but I guess I'm a little desperate to get something with a little more than the OF iPhone app has to offer. If only there were some way to get the OF desktop version installed on my iPad.....
Will still buy OF iPad the day it is released but until then I am using iTap VNC client to run my desktop machine while traveling.
TabRentals! Thank-you for mentioning iTap VNC for iPad!

I've been looking for just such an app but iTap somehow escaped my notice.

Mocha VNC, iTeleport Jaadu VNC and iSSH/VNC Console are not doing it for me so I've been using LogMeIn Ignition on my iPhone and iPad. However, I like the idea of connecting directly to my iMac or Mac mini when at home - without having to go thru the LogMeIn servers for a computer thats downstairs.

I'm just being lazy about accessing the iMac but the Mac mini is headless and used as a shared iTunes Library for my AppleTV. iTap will rock!

Thanks again!

(I visit this forum at LEAST once a day for news on OmniFocus for iPad. Sometimes I consider spending more of my tech-budget on therapy but it hasn't helped yet, so....)
If this will let me do my Weekly Review right from my iPad, I will love you guys... more than I do now.
It's happened.

I'm to the point where I check this thread about nine times a day, hoping to see the announcement that OF for iPad has cleared the app store and is available.

My co-workers have noticed.

My mother is worried.

My girlfriend has started seeing some guy named Otto.

Please, oh please, Mr. Ken there any new news?

Originally Posted by moniot View Post
Please, oh please, Mr. Ken there any new news?
You're looking in the wrong place. Try here.

I've started writing iPhone/iPad apps and looking at the app store comments makes me wonder what idiotic comments people will write about my apps - if they bother.

I was looking at the reviews for Taska and saw the following (with my comments added):

"I've been an OmniFocus (Mac and iPhone) user for a long time with no complaints"
So, no complaints. A satisfied customer in other words.

"Taska has just blown it out of the water"
Wow! That's some really huge improvement over OF then. What does it offer then that "blows [OF] out of the water"? Maybe I should consider changing too? Reading further though doesn't give me any idea really except that "usability and simplicity are superb"

"Get the syncing sorted and it's a knockout"
So it doesn't sync correctly? What are you telling me here - that you may have stuff via that isn't on your iphone and vice versa? Your data can't be relied on then? Now OF has syncing that works just fine (the user had 'no complaints') but despite 'blowing [OF] out of the water' for, usability, it doesn't sync?

If I was in the Omni Group I'd be banging my head against the wall with drivel like this being written about my products. I suppose this is internet democracy or something ...
To be fair, I really suspect there are a lot of people using OmniFocus who don't really need or understand OmniFocus. The overwhelming popularity of apps like Things would seem to suggest that there are many folks who are content with a much simpler task management solution and find OF to be overly complex for their needs. Realistically, if you're only managing a simple list of household chores then OF may very well seem like trying to drive a nail in with a sledgehammer.

IMHO that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd prefer that OF not "dumb itself down" to the least common denominator and remain a sophisticated tool for those of us with busy schedules and real project and task management needs.
Thanks, Curt!
Originally Posted by jdh View Post
To be fair, I really suspect there are a lot of people using OmniFocus who don't really need or understand OmniFocus.
While I think I do understand OF, I am beginning to realize I may not need it. I use it for much more than household chores though: I run a small company through it, and organize small conferences, and, yes, also enter household and personal finance stuff. But as I was unwilling to pay a lot of money for yet another OF app (I bought licenses for the iPhone and Mac releases), today I looked at the competition, not Things, which is more like a toy, but Taska for iPad. Despite the silly name and occasional bugginess, I am quite impressed with it. I will see how it holds up in the coming days, but I might just learn that I really don't need sequential projects, even though I always thought I did. I do miss start dates, though. We'll see. Of course I'll also look at OF iPad once it comes out, but I might just stick with the 4 euro alternative. Sorry, good people of Omni!
Originally Posted by HiramvdG View Post
Sorry, good people of Omni!
Obviously we hate to lose a customer, but not so much that we don't want folks to use the tool that works best for them. That's far more important in the long run!

If there are any areas in OmniFocus that you think we could simplify or improve, we'd love to know your thoughts. That's you doing us a favor, though, so we totally understand if you need to get on with your actual productivity. Either way, thanks for being a customer! Hopefully, you'll forgive us if we continue to hope to see you here again someday. :-)

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