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Yep, I would have created a separate action for asking Paul about the chairs, and made Paul the context. I'd say that checking the room is an action, and any "findings" from that check would produce new actions. To me, the building context for the chair action is inappropriate, because you can't get this task done by being in the building - you have to get it done through Paul, therefore I'd say that Paul is the appropriate context.

I'm still in favor of multiple contexts, but even if I had multiple contexts, I would have broken out a separate chair action in your example.

Thanks, i imagined that was the point. But actually, i could not have made Paul the context of the "check room" action as the intent was actually going to the room physically and checking whether it is ready. Also at the time i created the action, i didn't know that Paul was responsible for the chairs. But it makes sense in general, just adding the note to the first action didn't solve any problem. I think in my first week Omnifocus, i made the mistake of simply leaving actions open and annotating them when something was missing rather than closing them and creating a new more concrete action. Adding other contexts probably would have been a fix for a broken way to handle the actions.
Right - I realize that the original context for Check Room was correct. The problem came when an associated action needed another context.

I tend to create a whole lot of fine-grained actions, and to create tiny projects at the drop of a hat. So once I discovered that "check room" wasn't going to be a single-action thing, I might have even created a miniscule project:

- Get room ready for Monday (Context Building)
-- Talk to Paul about chairs for room. (Context Paul)
-- Follow up with Paul about chairs. (Context Paul)
-- Recheck room. (Context Building)

If there were more than one thing to do about the room ("Put fresh batteries in room remote." "Speak to Facilities about vacuuming room.") I'd definitely make it a project. At this point, this is what I'd do, not necessarily what I argue that you should do.

However, getting back to multiple contexts, I'd _like_ to have the option of making those two "context Paul" actions also "context Email" so that they pop up whether I'm looking at Paul actions or Email actions.

I would think, that "tagging" could solve a lot of the problems described above. I hope, that this will be implemented sometime in the future.
I think tagging would work for me as well. Add in my vote :)
by the way...

Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Our plan all along has been to allow people to create their own columns of metadata, which they can use however they want: with generic tags, or with specific columns for priority, people, etc. (We have this capability in OmniPlan, OmniOutliner, and OmniGraffle.) We just didn't have time to do it for 1.0, and we won't for 1.1 (which has to focus on synchronization so it can be ready to synchronize with the iPhone).

Hopefully in 1.2.
I hope this isn't presented as some separate field or column that is separate or disjointed from the existing context system.

I want the behavior and interface to be a more integrated support for multiple contexts.
I will put this under my pillow and hope it comes true :)
tagging sounds right but its all in the implementation.
I am quite new to GTD systems so bear with me if this is newbie talk :)
I have been through Things and RTM and both of them use these 3 sections, Lists/Projects, Areas and tags and I really found both confusing. It seemed like it was over the top, too many things to look it. I really like the projects & context way, it seems like the perfect balance between efficiency and ease of use. I got a bit confused when I had to deal with three factors and I never really understood the need for all 3. I see that some people say that they might want to compensate for the lack of several contexts with tags. If they want to ex."call Michael about meeting next monday" they want to add it to @phone and @Michael, but I think that I would find it really annoying to check several contexts og tagd while I was doing something in case of some actions overlapping.

Of course if the brilliant people from OG can implement tags so that it wont be cluttering or confusing, or even better invisible for the people who dont want to use tags, then I have no problem with it.

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