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Is it possible that there's something going on on the email side of things? You sent us a message on the 9th - the support ninja working with you responded to that the following Monday.

The following saturday, you emailed that you hadn't heard from us. She re-sent her previous email and sent another response the Monday after that email. You sent another email yesterday which makes me think the support ninja responses are being blocked or something.

I'll point our sysadmin at this thread so he can double-check the mail server logs. It would be helpful if you could check your spam filters, make sure your mailbox isn't full, etc.
Thanks for responding so quickly.

I went into Junk mailbox and saw no OF emails.

I get the emails from OF ninjas, I think. I believe they work with me for a couple of emails, but then just move on to help someone else. The ninjas are wonderful for the first couple of emails, and then I just do not hear back.

If I am getting the first few emails, seems unlikely my spam filter would be blocking. But I will keep checking.

I think the iCal sync issue is plaguing a lot of Mac/OF users. Maybe I just need to wait for an update? It really is the only thing that is holding back OF for me.
Hey, there! I've been replying but it looks like there's an error with the mail server. I'm sorry about that! I sent you a private message here in the forums while we were sorting this out but it doesn't look like you've seen it. (They can be easy to miss.) I thought I'd let you know here since it looks like you're keeping an eye on the thread.

We've since corrected the issue with the mail server but, of course, only you can verify this. I've resent my replies and if you wouldn't mind checking it would be much appreciated. Thanks! :-)
Well thank you so much for keeping an eye on this.

I have not received any new emails from you today. I just checked my junk mail box and nothing there either.

Let me know what else I can do.

I am happy to have an ichat with a ninja to see if you can work your magic!?
I am still not finding any Ninja emails in my junk mail box.

Is there someway a ninja could stay with me via ichat until this is resolved?

I really love OF, but I need it to sync with iCal.

I have a brand new laptop. OF is installed and synced via mobileme. But it will not sync with iCal on brand new Macbook. I have installed very little on new Macbook.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!
Marie, I'm going to ask our system admin to have another look at this to figure out why we're not able to get emails to you, if possible.

In the meantime, I've sent you a private message on the forums about how we can move this forward. Can you respond to that message, please?
Just added email notification of private messages so I will get these in the future.

Thanks so much!
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
I don't understand what it would mean to make it an event.

If I have three things due today (a two-minute phone call, a three-week project, and writing an email message), what sort of events would I create for them? What time would these events start and end?

OmniFocus isn't intended to schedule your time, it's intended to help you track what you want to get done. You can then look at what you want to get done and schedule your time using another tool (whether that tool is as simple as a calendar, or as complicated as a Gantt chart), but OmniFocus doesn't have enough information to make those scheduling decisions for you.
johnwd3- To me OF is missing the ability to REMIND me of the key thing I said I was going to do next week at 11am on Thursday morning.
Yes the list is great - but without the reminder/alarm ability to catch my attention - I may be buried and just forgotten it.
OF can post the TO DO in iCal but then I have to open iCal after syncing and find it and then two steps to set the alarm. Too unwieldy! Should be able to chose to set a reminder when I create it.
Why don't you describe for those of us who are a little bit slow exactly what events you would have OmniFocus create in iCal for the cases Ken mentioned? Does the alarm indicates the start of the event or the end? Most of my items with due dates need to be completed by the due date/time. What does the iCal event that alerts me about paying a bill or returning a ilbrary book look like? When should iCal alert me? If I've got an alert for a meeting I need to attend, won't the lead time be dependent on where I am, if I can walk to the conference room across the hall, or have to catch the shuttle to another campus?
I can only describe my ideal. I would like to be able to assign a specific time reminder to a task. “Call Joe at 9am” or whatever. “Sign & return end contract by Friday 5 PM with a reminder maybe at 8am Friday to remind me it has to be done during the work day”. Or “Dec 15th each year review assistants YTD performance with a 1 week before hand reminder”.

I am not that organized so a reminder is an imperative for me – even though I have written it down before and it is buried in my hundreds of To-Do’s.
Some friends are so organized that the go through every list every day and I wish I had that ability. Monday I just get into the day and totally forget that Friday I said I would have something done by Monday at 5. As a long term Palm/Treo user I counted on Now Up To Date to pop a reminder on my screen with a distinctive bong to remind me to DO IT!

So that is my story, and “I am sticking to it!”


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