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Can't seem to figure out how to set the default font styles for do you edit the default styles of the default template...I'd like to make all notes red in new documents.
Hi StoneRoseDesignDotCom-

You can do this the same way you would change them in any document.

First, open the default template, OmniOutliner menu -> Preferences -> General tab -> Edit New Document Template

Then open the Utilities panel and select 'Note (Column 1)' from the style palette (the bottom section of the utilities panel)

Now set the style settings for how you want the notes to appear then save and close the template.

If you need anymore help with this, just let me know.

Derek M.
Support Ninja
The Omni Group
OK, I'm missing something.

Just used the suggestion above. I’ve got a document and I want to change the font type, size and color for all notes. I went into preferences and modified the template, but I'm not sure I did it correctly because I still get shale/11 pt/Helvetica.

When I modified the font info for a note in the template, it created new settings for ‘text insertion’, it didn’t change the notes values themselves. So new notes are the old settings. I don’t know how to change the note settings. If I click on ‘shale’ in the inspector, nothing happens, for example.

What am I doing wrong here?
Once you have the template open, go to the utilities panel and select 'Note (Column 1)'. With that selected, change the styles setting through the inspectors. This will apply that style to all note fields.

It sounds like you placed the text cursor in a note field and then changed the styles. This will only apply those styles to that one note field.
OK, that was it. I’ve got it now.

Follow up question:

I modified the default notes style in the template and all is well for new documents, but for ones I've already created where I want to change all the notes to one style, is there a way to do this other than manually changing the style, copying it, and then pasting it to each separate note individually?
Have you applied styles individually to these notes already? If not, you can do the same thing you did for the template with just that file.

If you have applied styles to them locally, it may or may not be easy to change. If you don't have any local styles applied to any rows (any row text, not just note text), you can select everything and do Format -> Clear Style. This will remove all local styles (anything not globally applied like at the whole document or level xxx rows level). Then you can change the style for the notes.

If you will lose styles you want to keep doing that, you'll have to remove all the local styles you've defined one at a time I think.
(feature request 1)
I create a new column with a pop-up list. I want to be able to assign a style (at least background color) to each of those list items so I (and others) easy see which items share each respective designation.

(feature request 2)
I'm creating several outlines of slide presentations. Each slide's notes are my speaking notes and each presentation shares some of the slides. So it would be great if I had a library, perhaps as a palette, perhaps as a 'master document' where I could create all the slides and then 'alias' them to each of the outlines. (So when I change "Slide 3:About Us" it's updates in all the outlines using that. And similarly, if I double click the aliased note it would open the associated master document with the note selected.)
Both of those are likely additions for OO4, I've added your vote for them


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