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Bookmarks are copied, not moved, when dragged Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
This bug in in the released versions of OmniWeb, and 5.5 still exhibits the bug. When viewing bookmarks, a drag and drop will COPY a bookmark instead of MOVING it.

1) Open bookmarks. Go to Favorites (for instance).
2) Drag a bookmark to another place in Favorites. Don't hold any keys down when clicking, dragging or releasing.

:-( Actual behavior: a new bookmark is created at the dropped location.

:-) Expected behavior: the old bookmark is moved to the dropped location.
For me, it moves.
I removed my old bookmarks and preferences. I cannot reproduce this now, either.

If I can isolate this, I'll post another reply.
I should note, any bug in 5.1.3 is not expected to be fixed in 5.5 unless it is a rendering issue that the new webcore fixes.

We certainly may fix old bugs in 5.5, but we are currently concentrating on getting all the old features from 5.1.3 and the new bugs in 5.5 fixed first. If all the 5.1.3 features worked and there were no new bugs in 5.5, we would ship today and worry about old bugs tomorrow.
I noticed that behavior as well, but only after I had set up "Bookmark Synchronization" using my work machine instead of .Mac as the server. Interestingly, the "copy instead of move" issue only happened on client machines, not the one acting as a server, so I always thought it had to do with the synchronization.

Since then, I have "bought in" to using .Mac, and use my iDisk for synchronization. The problem is completely gone, I suppose because the changes are made immediately on my local copy of my iDisk, then synchronized with the central copy in the background.
I don't know if this issue has been addressed yet but I notice this behavior too. Some of my folders I like to keep alphabetical so when I move the bookmark it moves but I still have the original at the top and I now have 2 copies of the same bookmark. It's a little frustrating.

Kudos to whoever wrote the Zap Plug-ins script. I can now browse slow load ESPN (has to be one of the worst along with MTV) in peace. ESPN just really irks me sometimes. Don't get me started on ESPN Insider *cough* ripoff.

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