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Why is backup folder being changed? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I specify that I want my backups to be stored in a folder on an external HD (iMac-G5:/Volumes/IOMEGA HDD 1/My Backups/Omnifocus) but OF stores the backups in a virtual volume:
iMac-G5:/Volumes/IOMEGA HDD/My Backups/Omnifocus which is not visible in Finder ...
I'm a bit rusty in my Unix but isn't OMEGA HDD 1 a mount point (or partition) in the external IOMEGA HDD?

Why the difference?
No, that looks like something had been writing to your external hard drive and it got unplugged or dismounted, so said program created a real directory in your /volumes folder. Now when "IOMEGA HDD" is mounted, since there's already something named that in /Volumes, the real drive gets the "1" stuck after it.

Disconnect all external drives, eject all CDs, dismount all network shares, et cetera. If there's anything in /Volumes, that's probably a lingering error of some kind, and needs to be deleted/moved.

If you really had multiple partitions on that drive, say "Iomega1" and "myHDD", then you'd find
The device itself won't appear in /Volumes.
I've done all of the above ... deleted the ghost partition (it does not show in Finder) and modified my backup preferences to specify the IOMEGA HDD (the one with the USB icon). Then a day or two when I check back the backup is going to IOMEGA HDD 1 (and it shows as a folder).
I've even upgraded to Leopard and the problem continues.
This problem happens when my external HD (USB) does not get mounted at startup.

For some reason, OmniFocus changes my preferences to use the virtual volume to do its backups, and it stays that way until I discover that it has done this and reset it. This is very annoying because the virtual folder is not visible in Finder and I have to use Terminal to reset the target folder.
OmniFocus didn't do it, the operating system did it, and it was designed to work that way.

OF doesn't know what "/Volumes/IOMEGA HDD/" is. When it tries to write to it, the system says "OK, go ahead". The fact that this location was once a removable hard drive doesn't enter into things.

When you try to reconnect your hard drive, the system says "gee, there's already a /Volumes/IOMEGA HDD/; instead of overwriting data, I'll make another location at /Volumes/IOMEGA HDD 1".

The system is trying to do the right thing, and OF is getting caught in the middle.

I would suggest you do backups to a local drive and then use something to sync it over to your external drive.

Or, just use Time Machine.
Thanks for the explanation but does that explain why the preference gets changed?
Also, how come that my backup software (ChronoSync) can figure out that the drive is offline?

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You should file feedback with Omni. It's possible they could do something to prevent this behavior. Chronosync might be checking for checking for availability while OF is simply writing out to a location.
I did provide feedback. I wanted to add that info to this thread in case anyone else was having the same problem.

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