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On how to get existing OmniGraffle files/stencils onto the iPad Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
There are currently three ways to get your OmniGraffle file (including stencils) from the desktop to the iPad. They are:

- Using the "Documents" area in the Apps tab of iTunes when the iPad is plugged into your computer.
- Emailing them to an account that's active on the iPad.
- Downloading them from the web.

That said, there are some important caveats to be aware of:

- When emailing or downloading from the web, ensure that the files have the proper OmniGraffle file extension (filename.graffle, filename.gstencil, etc.). This holds if the files are zipped up as well, they should be named, etc.
- Stencils will automatically show in the Stencils popover, and as of version 1.0.1 they will also show in the Document Browser for editing and deletion purposes. We plan on adding better UI to manage stencils in the future.
- There are some custom stencils available at Graffletopia which won't open in OmniGraffle for iPad for some reason, this is a known issue on our end and we're looking into it.

Some overall best practices:

- "Flat" files work better than file packages in general.
- Compressed files (from within the Document Inspector on the desktop version of OmniGraffle) work out better due to space considerations on the iPad.
- Adding a Quick Look preview helps out when browsing documents in OmniGraffle for iPad.
- There isn't a provision for establishing a folder hierarchy for stencils on the iPad as of yet; you can however edit your stencils on the desktop to combine multiple files into a multiple canvas stencil that's only one document.

Hope that helps, please feel free to add feedback and experiences in this thread or send feedback to
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

Last edited by Joel; 2010-04-03 at 07:55 PM..
Originally Posted by Joel View Post
- There isn't a provision for establishing a folder hierarchy for stencils on the iPad as of yet; you can however edit your stencils on the desktop to combine multiple files into a multiple canvas stencil that's only one document.
can you explain how to do that?
Yes, just add a new canvas or drag a canvas from another document to the stencil you're editing (drag canvases to and from the sidebar).

Hope that helps,
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Haven't been able to download a sinlge file from that site onto my iPad. Will try emailing but, but that's pretty lame.
Hi - I was unable to get the iA iPad stencils to load using the techniques you describe. I tried using the iTunes Document area method, both with all the unzipped .png files and then with the <filename> I also emailed myself the .zip file and double-tap extracted them. It appeared in all cases that "something" was happening with the files but nothing new ever showed up in the Stencils list.

I'm new to Omnigraffle, so I may be missing something obvious. I haven't tried the Graffletopia stencils, as you said there are known issues with them. Could you perhaps point me to a set of known working stencils I could try again to install?

This is sent from my iPad; I'm just starting to use the iPad version and it's really really cool!

Update: If you're referring to the stencil located at, it does not open in OmniGraffle for iPad on my end, however if it's made a "flat" file instead of a file package, it works out okay.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

Last edited by Joel; 2010-04-05 at 10:31 AM..
Thanks Joel, but sorry, I don't understand what to do to make a zip file (package?) a "flat" file. Thanks.
If you've got OmniGraffle for the Mac, here are the steps to make a document that's a file package into a flat file:

1. Double-click the stencil to open it in OmniGraffle
2. At the top of the Stencil window, there's a Gear button, click it and choose "Edit Stencil"
3. Once it's open, bring up the Document Inspector from the Inspectors menu
4. In the Document Inspector, at the top there's a popup menu for managing whether the file is flat or a package, select "Save as flat file"
5. Save the stencil

Then, you should be able to email it to your iPad and it should work from there. I should point out that we're treating this bad behavior as a bug, and hope to get it fixed soon.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Thanks for the quick reply, Joel. Ay, there's the rub. I have only the recently-purchased OmniGraffleForIPad and not the Mac version. Is there any way to "manually" induce a flat file from the .zip?

Great support!
You could download the free trial version of OmniGraffle for Mac and use it to convert the stencil. Or you could download the flattened version at though I'll probably remove it by the end of the week.

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