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How to enter multiple lines in a row? [A: Added in 1.1] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

is there a way to enter multible lines in one row?

like when pressing alt+enter in the desktop version?


Last edited by DerekM; 2011-09-13 at 01:12 PM..
Not in there for launch, but we have a feature request open. If interested parties email the support ninjas, they can make sure the requests get recorded. (More popular feature requests tend to be assigned higher priorities.) Hope that helps!
If you're willing to do a bit of fooling around, you can compose your multiple-line row in something else, then copy and paste into a single row.
Row notes do allow for line breaks, an in-app work around could be composing your row in it's note field and then copy and pasting it into the row.

Definitely email the ninjas if this is important to you!
I have to honestly say the amount of features that Outliner does not have is astounding me. Maybe too high expectations because of my experiences with your other Products so far but an Outliner, a tool for writing, in which you can not insert line breaks? Seriously, what? The more I work with Outliner, the more I hear from others the more obvious it becomes to me that not only premium but base functionality is missing. Why did that take so long, then? I thought you would bring a real premium app and this is more like beta software...
Hi Christian,

No, beta software is feature complete and by your description it isn't event that :)

Look out, the fan boys are going to jump all over this! I can see where you are coming from. The teaser video really set us up for some things that are simply not there such as not being able to drag and drop images. The fact that you cannot resize images once inserted is also pretty shocking considering the default image size the camera has.

The interface is being lauded by some but one could just as easily say the brown(?!) toolbars get in the way of the document. Plenty of writing tools offer a completely uncluttered interface. Even Pages (ugh!) allows you to hide the toolbar and ruler so you can concentrate on the writing. And what is the deal with TWO tool bars for what amounts to a handful of controls? We lost at least one row of data display so that we could get an additional toolbar! Is our data so unimportant that we have to frame it on both sides with toolbars?

Being told that carriage returns within a row is going to be put to a 'vote' as a 'feature request' might seem a bit of an insult because you (and I) believe it to be fundamental for a premium priced outliner. I can understand that. Unfortunately this is the copy/paste response that Omni gives ALL features that people identify as absent. If they were to justify every detail of the product they would have to spend all day on the boards and less time working on it.

Omni does tend to come out with a few quick release updates in a product's first few months. Keep your eye on the boards, make a list of those things you feel are important and email them to the support ninjas (please, for our sake!) and eventually you might find that OO is worth the price tag for you.

Edit: Here's something 'funny'. I wrote this in OmniOutliner. Look what I discovered when trying to get the text from OmniOutliner into this post:

1. You cannot copy/paste text from omni outliner into other apps! Wow! But that is the only mechanism we have for getting images INTO OmniOutliner. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

2. If you export as a text only email it puts carriage returns and spaces in to the text in order to wrap it nicely so you cannot even copy plain text. Obviously a compromise made to make text emails at least palatable.

I had to export as an html email and then copy the text out of that in order to get text from OO into this post. A work-around for copying text out of a writing tool? Sigh!

Last edited by HappyCatMachine; 2011-05-14 at 01:00 AM..
I understand that support does not want to adress every issue in great detail. However from my point of view omni software is relatively expensive compared to other iPad apps. Therefore I expect more than I would from a 99 cent app or a 5 dollar one. It also took relatively long to release this app which added to my expectation. If I then see a video looking like I could do things that the app in fact does not offer, I am disappointed. Then I at least ask for omnigroup to communicate with me and the rest of the community and not post a standard line...
If you feel that you have been deceived into buying the app, Omni has a 30 day money back guarantee. Surely you aren't suggesting that you bought because of the teaser video (which only shows someone taking notes on paper), and didn't look at the actual Introduction to OmniOutliner video before pressing buy for a $20 app? What do you feel the video showed you that you can't actually do?
This isn't an open feature request any longer: OmniOutliner 1.1 adds the ability to split existing rows at the cursor and to add line breaks while entering text. Just tap and hold in the desired spot, tap More... in the popup, and choose Split Row or ↩. You can also copy/paste multiple rows to/from other apps, and when inbound to OmniOutliner, control whether you get multiple lines in a single row (pasting into a row) or multiple rows (paste with an entire row selected).
And boy, that is such an effient way (when typing) to add a line to text. I can't blame Omni but I can pont the finger at Apple for its inflexible and tight lipped excuse for an OS. It should remain an open ticket as 'we aren't happy with it and are awaiting an Apple fix to their OS.' Now with the W8 announcement it looks like one company is taking the tablet market as seriously as it should be.

Still, as an Apple devotee since the days of Apple II I will hold out hope that one day my iPad will be as powerful as it potentially could be.

Last edited by HappyCatMachine; 2011-09-13 at 02:40 PM..

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