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New "one window mode" is not what I want Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
What I'd like to have—and what I got with the old hidden preference—is that I never get a new window. New tabs are absolutely ok, though, and in many cases, when the link defaults to a new window, replacing the current window content is not very good.

So, please give us a preference that never ever opens any new windows, but does open new tabs if the link says a new window should be opened.
I don't mean the bug; what I mean is actually what the old hidden pref was like.

In short words: Always do what the page tells OW to do, but whenever a new window is requested, open a new tab instead. That would be sufficient. Or what Handycam requested—best as an option to choose between these two: Open new tabs only for "_blank" links.
Can you give me an example where opening a 3rd party link in the current window is bad?
Originally Posted by troyb
Can you give me an example where opening a 3rd party link in the current window is bad?
Here's an example: on, using the default settings, a click on an article name brings up a new window—whether you hold command or not. Changing "open links within the same website" to "same window" makes the page show up in the same window (because any article link is actually a link to a rojo hash, like, but as long as that is open, even holding down command makes it open in the same window. Thus, either opening in the same window or a different one, the only way to get it to open in a new tab is to drag the link to the tab bar. By contrast, in the old way, command-clicking the link made it open with a new tab, no questions asked.
In fact, in general, it would appear that if "open links to other sites" is set to "same window", then command-clicking to create a new tab doesn't work at all. I get the same result in Is that possibly correct?
I agree with the OP. I'm trying the new beta and when ever you make a post on the forum with the settings you get a new tab for the tread, a new tab for the reply, and a new tab for the message you just posted.

this is silly. like the OP all I want is the ability for OW to act normal on say a forum, however if I click a link to see a video have it open a new thread.

but if I want to just post a message I should not have to close 3 to 4 tabs.
I don't see that happening at all. What are your settings for new tabs? Have you tried setting them so that they do what you want in the site specific preferences (and in the default preferences)? With 5.5.2 they introduced a new option for "Links within the same site:", so have you set that up the way you want it to work?
Okay... we're going to make a change to the UI. We're going to dump the From Same Site bit and add a check box that only affects pop-ups.

It doesn't seem like anyone is using the same site preference and the fact that it is all or nothing makes it not very friendly.

The new checkbox will take precedence over your third-party links preference.

(Also, forcing links into same window is a tad buggy right now so I don't doubt that you were seeing issues there.)
and add a check box that only affects pop-ups.
What does this mean, exactly?

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