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Move the site specific preferences out of
plist in ~/Library/Preferences

to a file in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5

Also, use a new plist for 5.5 than was used in prior 5.x versions

If there is no 5.5 plist, copy the 'basics' (or not)

Something, I don't know what, is different between 5.5 and 5.1.3, even more, SP12 didn't like my plist that works/ed fine previously up to SP11.
Also, use a new plist for 5.5 than was used in prior 5.x versions
I'm curious why this request?
You have seen and replied to my other thread where I discovered that my plist file that worked up thru SP11 wasn't working or allowing some web pages to load in SP12.

That lead me to look at what the plist is being used for.

Mostly to get the site preferences out of and not mixed in with all the other items in there that show in Property List Editor, and get Site Preferences into its own file.

If one small thing goes wrong, it will be easier to fix.

This is not the first time the plist file was the cause and culprit of something not working properly.

... all my backup copies didn't make a difference, and I had 100+ (?) site preferences that are now lost (ie, can't be imported into the new file).

A. I like to see a preferences file not become what MSIE was.
B. I think something changed in 5.5 SP12.
C. I like FF's method of having various prefs and options stored in their own file.
D. It seems logical.
E. I use to design applications, and it is what I would do.

Mostly, I think it is a good idea :D
Originally Posted by Mad Hatter
Move the site specific preferences out of
plist in ~/Library/Preferences
com.omnigroup.omniweb5.plist to a file in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5
I would second this. I had a perpetually corrupt pref file with 5.1.x and I was forced to keep backups whenever I made changes to it. the most important reason for keeping the backups was the site preferences. it's very difficult to remember what changes I've made for which sites.

if the site preferences were stored separately to the main prefs, then they (hopefully) wouldn't be affected by the corruption (and eventual deletion) of the main prefs.
Originally Posted by Mad Hatter
... all my backup copies didn't make a difference
How so?

(side note: I greatly dislike the requirement for the minimum. length of a post in this forum. see:
in my case, something within the pref file would act like a virus seed, eventually leading to corruption in the pref file. whenever I duplicated the backup pref file, I was duplicating the seed. at some point in time, I would have to delete all of my backups and start from scratch again.

I reported the corruption to Omni but they weren't able to determine the source of the problem or reproduce it.

one of the problems with the pref file is that it appears to hold more than just prefs. I believe it is this non-pref stuff that eventually corrupted my pref files.

(note. I visit quite a few Chinese sites and use multiple Workspaces.)
I think I pretty much proved to myself anyway that SP12 doesn't like my plist, and the three backups didn't change that. i didn't bother going back to DVDs for older or different backups.

I tended to make a copy, duplicate, then rename some of those copies so I would know when.

And, because I was NEVER EVER having ANY problem in the last 6-9 months (but had had problems in the past with odd behavior) I would on a monthly basis or something duplicate the plist.

I thought an old problem with crashes when closing windows was related to couple different things and that was when I tried to narrow down the cuplprit(s).

- things like: Microsoft Mouse driver (fine), Bookmarks created by Bookit, etc. Went on for many months and more than a few feedback's of Activity Monitor output from Sample even.

And the last thing I wanted to do was redo all the preferences that go into OmniWeb5 plist.

Writing to that file so often, when closing a tab even, seems asking for trouble.

MSIE use to get into trouble with the Internet Preferences file becoming corrupt.

OmniWeb is my most used app probably, and the only one that could be said to have trouble crashing. (It got to the point I removed OmniCrashguard itself - seemed more like the olde Norton Crash extension that caused more than it helped).

Still doesn't say if problem was the tip someone at OmniGroup gave me for using the Terminal to write changes to the plist to change a few options for which there wasn't a preference to set via GUI - but probably could have been changed just as easily in Property List Editor.

Bottom line: Have a new plist for 5.5, and maybe a new site pref file as well but over in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5
I guess my take is:
- There have been numerous warnings about preferences and unexpected results when using the SPs.
- If this is a specific issue with SP12, a new feature for an isolated situation doesn't seem a good solution.
- This would be a band-aid for the results of a problem, rather than a fix for the cause.

That said, I would like to see the site prefs be one of the items that gets synced with other computers - like how he bookmarks currently work.
I have five disk drives devoted just for backups. I know prefs can be an issue along with entire system or anything else.

My only question is why not use a 5.5-specific plist? or "profile"

that way you can run a SP versions and still run your 'stable' 5.1 version, and they can exist side by side - with their own sub-folder directory.

5.5 could import or ask to import bookmarks on firist launch.

cookies could be copied.

I still don't know why - and it seems like I am the only user affected on this - that SP12 'broke' or didn't like a good .plist file.

maybe I should send a copy in via feedback.

A lot of file corruption can be due to memory errors, or disk errors (though EEC cache and such should help prevent a disk drive error), or lack of UPS and losing power. none of that should apply here.

The old plist at 92K is a lot to look through, 'needle in haystack' to find something that might be offending entry.
It used to be very easy to get access to all your prefs in a .plist as, prior to 10.4, they were plain text .xml files that you could view in TextEdit. However, with 10.4, Apple started encoding .plist as binary files so this put the kibosh on being able to open them in TextEdit and copy/paste e.g. your site specific prefs directly from your backup to the newly created .plist. The big problem here is that Property List Editor in the Developer tools is rubbish and you can't select more than one item at a time to be able to copy and export particular settings.

If anyone knows how to view the 10.4 .plist files as plain text so you can do this again, it would be a great help.

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