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Can you set page-zoom percent globally? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a global zoom!
Here's a quick and dirty Applescript for setting zoom globally. It's true that the script-accessible zoom is a property of the window, though canvasas obviously retain a zoom level. This script just asks for a new zoom level (default is the current one) and then cycles the canvases through the window to set their zoom level.
tell application "OmniGraffle Professional 5"
	set currentZoom to the zoom of the front window
	set theDialog to display dialog "Zoom all canvases to:" default answer 100 * currentZoom
	set theZoom to the text returned of theDialog
	set currentCanvas to the canvas of the front window
	repeat with theCanv in every canvas in the document of the front window
		set the canvas of the front window to theCanv
		set the zoom of the front window to theZoom / 100
	end repeat
	set the canvas of the front window to currentCanvas
end tell

Last edited by john.gersh; 2011-08-08 at 12:47 PM..
thank you john.gersh!!!!
Thanks John. Do you know if there's a way to set the zoom level to "Fit in Window" (or some way of calculating in the script what the zoom level should be in order to set this?)

Often times after I've been editing a document and left different canvases at different levels, I want to set every page to fit in window so I can look over everything. Can't figure out how to do this.
Here is a rough Zoom to Fit:

NOTE Now replaced by an improved script in its own thread.

-- VER 0.3
-- ADJUST pZoomFactor up or down to suit

property pZoomFactor : 0.8

tell application id "OGfl"
	tell front window
		set {rX, rY, rX1, rY1} to bounds
		set {rWinWidth, rWinHeight} to {rX1 - rX, rY1 - rY}
			set oFrontCanvas to its canvas
		on error
		end try
		repeat with oCanv in canvases of its document
			set {lstOrigin, lstSize} to {origin, size} of graphics of oCanv
			set lngGraphics to length of lstOrigin
			if lngGraphics > 0 then
				set {rXMax, rYMax} to {0, 0}
				repeat with i from 1 to lngGraphics
					set {rX, rY} to item i of lstOrigin
					set {rWidth, rHeight} to item i of lstSize
					set {rXPosn, rYPosn} to {rX + rWidth, rY + rHeight}
					if rXPosn > rXMax then set rXMax to rXPosn
					if rYPosn > rYMax then set rYMax to rYPosn
				end repeat
				set {rXScale, rYScale} to {rWinWidth / rXMax, rWinHeight / rYMax}
				set canvas of it to oCanv
				if rXScale < rYScale then
					set zoom to rXScale * pZoomFactor
					set zoom to rYScale * pZoomFactor
				end if
			end if
		end repeat
		set its canvas to oFrontCanvas
	end tell
end tell

Last edited by RobTrew; 2011-12-20 at 08:29 AM.. Reason: Edited code to avoid division by zero with empty canvases
Thanks a bunch Rob. Really appreciate it. This doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment, but I'll hopefully get a chance tomorrow to look more thoroughly to find out what's breaking.
If you've got an empty canvas in your document, the script will crash. Changing the line "set {rXMax, rYMax} to {0, 0}" to "set {rXMax, rYMax} to {1, 1}" is one way to eliminate that issue.
Thank you for spotting that :-)

(I've made an edit above to version 0.2)

It's a very rough sketch and may evolve ...
I also have keyboard assignments to a simple OmniGraffle Zoom OUT (zooms a bit further out on each keypress)

property pTitle : "OG Zoom OUT"
property pFactor : 20

tell application id "OGfl"
	tell front window
		set dblZoom to zoom - (pFactor / 100)
		if dblZoom < 0.05 then set dblZoom to 0.05
		set zoom to dblZoom
	end tell
end tell
and a corresponding Zoom IN

property pTitle : "OG Zoom IN"
property pFactor : 20

tell application id "OGfl"
	tell front window to set zoom to (zoom + pFactor / 100)
end tell
I've started a new thread with a slightly better all canvas zoom to fit,
to make it easier to find.

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