View Full Version : Clear Private Data / Reset OmniWeb

2006-06-07, 05:56 PM
This has probably been suggested already, but I didn't see it immediately mentioned in the pages I looked through.

Anyway, one feature I love from Opera/Firefox 1.5/Safari 2 is the ability to clear all of my private data (cache, cookies, history, etc.) with one click of a button. Such a feature in IE 6 would have saved me hundreds (thousands?) of clicks, I know! I'd just love to make sure I'm saving my clicks in OW, too!

2006-06-13, 04:57 PM
This is a pretty popular request! It's in our future requests database so it's something we'll be considering when we start adding new features again (though no guarantees when or if it will get added).

If you want to make sure we have your vote to add this, send us feedback through the "Send Feedback..." option in the OmniWeb help menu!