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I, also, would love to be able to re-order items in context view. I have a perspective set up that shows items due today, tomorrow, this week, etc. I would love to be able to manually re-order items under each heading to create a sequential list for myself.

I actually ended up switching over to Things for a bit to take advantage of their manual reordering, but am back to OF because of it's robustness and other customizability that I missed.

I suppose for now i'll implement the estimated duration "hack" described above, but I'd love it if manual reordering could be thrown into the hat of potential features in new versions of OF, if it's no in there already.

Great work all, keep it up!
I also use the Move to Top applescript, which I would guess you can find in the forums, to sort in context mode. It’s not like completely arbitrary order though. I’ve been thinking it would be neat to write an applescript that would move things up or down in context mode such that it could also change project order, as necessary. I haven’t gotten around to it yet though & I haven’t checked if anyone else has had the same idea.
manual reordering should take precedence over any other criterion i think.

things is great in this respect.
Just happened upon this thread again whilst searching to see what others do in terms of ordering actions within a context. In the absence of due dates/times etc. it seems natural when working in a given context to wish to order actions according to how you wish to complete them and/or assign a higher 'priority' by placing certain actions at the top of the list within a context.

Looking at the xml file(s) that constitute the OF database I can see that folders, projects and tasks appear to have a 'rank' which presumably relates to their 'order' relative to their 'siblings'. Would it not be relatively easy to add an additional 'context ranking' that pertains to a given item's position within a context? This 'context rank' would permit manual reordering within a context and be completely autonomous from the 'planning mode' rank.

Just a thought. Seems rather obvious and so I fully expect folks to point me to that post I've not seen that explains why such a thing is unfeasible :-)
The inability to sort in context is a HUGE issue for a lot of people regardless of what some people think and I am really surprised that this software does not support this feature years later. Why not just add a priority field for contexts and let users order them there as a temporary workaround?? Why instruct users to use a field that would actually be useful to have in your filtering arsenal, such as the estimated time field?
Perhaps not quite as many people find this to be an issue as you think, or there are more requests for other features. I don't really have any reason not to take Omni at their word when they say they work on the features most often requested. Do you?
Being in software development, this request is not a huge request and with even a few users in this forum mentioning it as an issue, you would think it would be considered and ultimately implemented. The iPhone and iPad apps do not support the estimated time field at all so any workarounds with that field mentioned in this thread are therefore unworkable.
Just adding my voice in case it makes any difference. This (manual sorting of actions in context mode) is a significant missing feature for my workflow -- it's something i would use extremely regularly (which is how often i notice it doesn't exist and get annoyed with Omnifocus). Please work on it! Thanks.
We do have a feature request open on this, but there are other requests that are more popular right now - as always, if you want to be sure that your feature request gets recorded into the development database, you'll want to email it to our support ninjas. Thanks!

(See here for info on why we handle it this way.)
I don't know whether the Mac version works this way, but the iPad version sorts in a context in the same order as the projects are listed. So if you sort (by dragging) yor projects alphabetically, then next actions in a context will also be sorted alphabetically.

I presume dates may affect this, but you can get yor sort manually by manually sorting your projects, all other things being equal.

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