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  1. Addressbook Extra
  2. help! how to make extra stencils appear
  3. Creating or Making new Stencils
  4. Stencil that grows properly
  5. Mac OS X interface mockup stencil
  6. Stencil: Clean Machines, Volume 1
  7. House Design Template
  8. Barcode script
  9. Objects for Systems Diagrams
  10. Stencil for genograms
  11. Intelligent resizing of stencils (esp. GUIDesign)
  12. 'Rubber' lines.
  13. Math symbols, like Pi square root etc...
  14. Web Page Elements Stencils
  15. Talk Bubble Stencil
  16. Database Layout?
  17. Braces, Brackets, Curlies
  18. Powerpoint Like Stencils Needed
  19. Export of custom stencils to other apps
  20. Calendar
  21. New website for stencils!
  22. Where is the Script Icon?
  23. Intelligently stretchable stencils
  24. Using graphic objects as stencil items? (+ 2 hints)
  25. Bpml
  26. cropping?
  27. convert Visio stencil
  28. Import Java class structure
  29. A blank DVD template
  30. A/V Stencils
  31. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  32. Combining shapes - masking, cutout, cutaway, compositing…
  33. Annotate objects (applescript)
  34. Looking for router icons/stencils
  35. Creating new line ends
  36. Altering the colors of items in a stencil
  37. graffle gallery thread ?
  38. Understanding Applescript Dictionary
  39. Variables like: <%CreationDate%>
  40. How to make shadings/hatchings (Schraffuren)
  41. Business Process Mapping
  42. Stencil for windows and doors
  43. how to make several stencils in one stencil menu?
  44. Color Schems
  45. Puzzle piece stencil
  46. Brainstorming - Lines
  47. Interactive Elements on Stencils (Applescript)
  48. Protect shape properties
  49. Palette vs. Stencils
  50. Table of Contents?
  51. Curly Braces?
  52. Stencil licenses on Graffletopia
  53. How do I iterate over ALL shapes in a canvas?
  54. Call for OmniGraffle stencil requests
  55. Applying master canvas to canvas dynamically
  56. Error creating stencil with metric grid
  57. duplicate Canvas from one document to another not possible in OG 4.2
  58. Cisco WAN Link
  59. Stencil Legends?
  60. Fitting a diagram to 1 page with Applescript
  61. OminGraffle Pro freezing when opening big stencil files
  62. stencil can't be used
  63. Looking for scheduling template
  64. Timeline tool
  65. Tidy Links?
  66. Using LatexIt as service
  67. Looking for automobile stencil
  68. Line Format
  69. convert Visio stencils to Images
  70. Visio Stencils
  71. Help with Entourage->OF quick entry script
  72. Did you create any of these stencils?
  73. Some questions about the Cisco stencils for Visio
  74. Mindmap stencil
  75. New stencil: curly braces, cloud shapes, block arrows
  76. iTunes CD Cover
  77. Help, I don't have a omnigraffle/stencil folder in my application support folder
  78. Updating stencil instances
  79. Swimlane diagrams?
  80. Gant Chart template and/or script
  81. 3-D Shapes
  82. Dingbats to stencils?
  83. SmartDraw Clip Art Library
  84. Saving error message when using Visio stencils
  85. Help with Date Entry
  86. What stencils are included?
  87. annotation shape
  88. Time Machine .com. file
  89. Howto create a new stencil?
  90. creating a gantt chart
  91. Crop Image script
  92. Script to Collapse and Expand a Group
  93. Graffle file to Powerpoint
  94. Layered Photoshop file to Omnigraffle Stencil?
  95. Precise rescaling of diagrams?
  96. Can't use Stencil?
  97. Arc and Wedge smart objects
  98. Exporting to Omnioutliner
  99. Org chart: editing in outline sidebar?
  100. Omnigraffle pro 5 master canvas
  101. Expandable symbol logic stencils
  102. Outline Mode and Custom Templating
  103. is anyone using Omnigraffle with MacSpeech?
  104. Import Row Numbers from Outliner via Diagram Style?
  105. Aspect Ratio
  106. TOC - Table of Contents
  107. Multiple editing windows
  108. Automated PDF export for use with latexmk -- Applescript help wanted
  109. Omnigraffle 5.0 stencil in 4.0
  110. Stencils for video surveillance systems and meeting room plans
  111. Where are the business stencils?
  112. Hand Drawn Basic Shapes
  113. Ghost Shared Layers (that multiply)
  114. adding a shared layer to multiple canvasas in one cut & paste?
  115. Table creation and changing settings with hidden table inspector
  116. Updating a template
  117. Stencil Extension .sit
  118. Elements in OG that aren't scriptable?
  119. Help. Script to automatically hide a layer???
  120. Omnigraffle 5 Automatic Layout / diagram style
  121. Deleting Default Stencils?
  122. Script for project list
  123. Open and modify Visio dwg from MSWord
  124. Changing language or spelling options
  125. Stencils not appearing in canvas
  126. Loss of image quality when pasting into Powerpoint
  127. Auto Numbering
  128. number formats for variables
  129. chalkboard - change default font size
  130. Modified Wedge
  131. How can I draw decision graphs?
  132. Text within stencil
  133. Site Map Vertically Stacked
  134. Line lengths without labels?
  135. Export shape
  136. Omnigraffle Image Map on the iPhone/ iPad
  137. Measurement Detail Preferences
  138. Cannot open stencil - JPEG bitmap format
  139. How to install stencils
  140. saving error
  141. Graffletopia still around?
  142. Unable to convert great Ai stencils to OGp
  143. Color Picker - Better ways to managing a palette (.clr)???
  144. simple fix if Graffletopia stencils don't work or appear in Stencils Library
  145. Newbie looking for computer hardware stencil
  146. Stencils not appearing
  147. Keeping stencil scale
  148. Numbered Annotations
  149. Applescript and groups
  150. Applescript on object
  151. Using Omnigraffle for interactive prototypes - need Applescript help
  152. Select Descendants - using Applescript
  153. Shape with rounded corner border
  154. mixed format diagram style?
  155. Accessing menu commands using Applescript
  156. Upgraded and lost needed stencils.
  157. Name items in a Stencil Set
  158. Are there any stencils out there for gears?
  159. Setting the position of all canvases at once
  160. Applescript: user data item of canvas
  161. Applescript for adding some text when I drag circle
  162. Applescript to export to visio
  163. Changing pictures in Org Chart (extras) boxes?
  164. Can't use stencil
  165. Installing new diagram style
  166. Stencil Needed
  167. Accessibility checker
  168. Where do scripts go?
  169. How to locate new stencils?
  170. Paste to replace an image
  171. creating a new stencil with editable text
  172. Help with scripting
  173. Why does this 'stencil badge' appear??
  174. Hierarchy Stencils
  175. Modifying objects in stencil
  176. Adding a 2x2 matrix stencil, and installation problem
  177. How do I test a property value in Applescript?
  178. General Telephony Stencils
  179. Stencil: Curved block arrows
  180. Stencil: Time cycles
  181. Stencil: Custom circles of arrows (Shape with script Action)
  182. Request to convert stencil for ipad
  183. Radially spaced magnets
  184. Copy/paste and save custom style
  185. Network Diagram Templates
  186. where could I get medical stencils?
  187. Android Stencil
  188. Electronics stencil disk image won't open
  189. Sketch-looking stencils
  190. How to convert multiple SVGs into a stencil
  191. Stencil size
  192. Espresso Machine
  193. Stencil modification or Trim Function
  194. Please share your network stencil
  195. create shortcuts for stencils to use "actions" (ipad)
  196. Canvas scale
  197. object drop down size list
  198. feature request: Title Blocks
  199. chemical process diagrams
  200. Diagram styles with different styles
  201. Can't import or open downloaded stencils
  202. Highlighting text
  203. Odd behavior of OmniGraffle 5.4.4 Stencil Window
  204. Shapes with line connector end points
  205. Automagic Annotation Stencil
  206. Omnigraffle Batch Exports
  207. Omnigraffle script cannot save file
  208. New Diagram Style in Omnigraffle 6
  209. Bottle Stencil
  210. "Back" action?